Chemex with Friends


  1. Grind your coffee quite a bit coarser than you would for a V60, and a bit coarser than for a smaller Chemex
  2. Put in the paper filter and rinse it with at least 100ml of water. This also preheats the Chemex.
  3. Pour out the rinse water



  1. Add your grounds to the Chemex and add double the amount of water, or ~100g.
    Let it bloom for 45 seconds.

Main phase

I tend to be way less structured with a large Chemex than with, say, a V60 recipe, as I do it less often and the water flow is less predictable. So take these more as a rough guide than anything else

  1. From the 1-minute mark, add roughly 200g of water
  2. Now, whenever it has drained significantly (every 30-60 seconds), add between 100 and 200g of water
  3. Finish your brew at 700g and let it drain. This shouldn’t take more than 6-7 minutes total (if it does, try a coarser grind next time)

Enjoy! ☕

Make sure to enjoy the coffee quickly, as the Chemex cools down quite fast. And don’t forget to share! 😊