04 Jan 2021

TIL that Feedbin is also a Read Later service

I’m always trying to get a better grip on how I store and consume online content. The trinity of bookmarks, feeds, and “read later” content never made much sense to me, because the lines are so blurry — a topic worth its own blog post.

Feedbin is the only RSS reader that I ever paid for (it’s that good). But when I got interested in self-hosting, I played with miniflux and shortly after stopped using RSS altogether. Life moves on.

Today, however, I learned that Feedbin supports sending articles to it, and has apparently done so for a while. This way it not only acts as an RSS reader with support for email newsletters, but also as a rudimentary Read Later service, like Pocket or Instapaper.

This is great! For me, the opportunity to consolidate two tools into one outweighs the benefits a standalone app like Pocket offers. I may just get into RSS again.